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First Things First

Sep 28 MY LORD MAYOR AND GENTLEMEN,— I was asked to give an address to the members of the Banks’ Prayer Union, and to others occupied in banking; but I beg to warn you all that an address from me is very like a sermon. I am so in the habit of preaching, that almost of necessity my talk drops into sermon form. I have heard a story of a painter of...

Matthew 6:33

Christ's Universal Kingdom, and how it cometh

Apr 25 OBSERVE, dear friends, the wonderful contrast between the violent excitement of the enemies of the Lord, and the sublime serenity of God himself. He is not disturbed though the heathen so furiously rage, and their kings and mighty ones set themselves in battle array. He smiles at them: he hath them in derision. You and I are often downcast and depressed, and our forebodings are dark and dismal, but God...

Psalm 2:8-9

Receiving the Kingdom of God as Little Child

Oct 20 WHEN our Lord blessed the little children he was making his last journey to Jerusalem. It was thus a farewell blessing which he gave to the little ones, and it reminds us of the fact that among his parting words to his disciples, before he was taken up, we find the tender charge, “Feed my lambs.” The ruling passion was strong upon the great Shepherd of Israel, “who gathereth the...

Luke 18:17