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Knowledge. Worship. Gratitude.

THOSE who boast of their knowledge betray their ignorance. Knowledge is not a possession to be proud of, since it brings with it so great a responsibility that a nurse might as well be proud of watching over a life in peril. Knowledge may become good or ill according to the use which is made of it. If men know God, for instance, and then glorify him as God, and...

Romans 1:20

Spiritual Knowledge and Its Practical Results

Sep 30 FOR the church that was at Colosse Paul gave hearty thanks to God for many most important blessings, especially for their faith, their love, and their hope. It would be a very useful exercise to our hearts if we would often give thanks to God for the gifts and graces which we discover in our Christian brethren. I am afraid we are more inclined to spy out their faults, and...

Colossians 1:9-10

Knowledge Commended

Jan 15 THE uninspired book of the Maccabees is perhaps the best interpreter of this passage in Daniel. The prophet, we think, refers to the great persecution under Antiochus, when the followers of Judas Maccabaeus, knowing their God and keeping close to him amidst general defection, refused to bow before the idols of Syria; these were strong by God's grace, and did great exploits: wonders of valour we read of in the...

Daniel 11:32-33