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“The Effect and Design of the Law”: Spurgeon’s Lost Sermon #103

Jan 29 Despite his age, Charles Spurgeon was unafraid to wrestle with the toughest theological issues for the good of his people. Read an exceprt from one of his earliest sermons, "The Effect and Design of the Law".

A Plain Man's Sermon

Jan 17 THE ceremonial law, as ordained by the hand of Moses and Aaron, called the worshippers of God to great carefulness before him. Before their minds that solemn truth was ever made visible, “I the Lord thy God am a jealous God.” Nothing might be done thoughtlessly. Due heed was the first requisite in a man who would draw near unto the thrice-holy God, whose perfections demand lowly and considerate reverence...

Leviticus 22:21

Incense and Light

Mar 11 CERTAIN ceremonies under the law were only of annual celebration; while other matters were of daily observation; and by the daily repetition were intended to be set forth as eminently constant and perpetual. These daily ordinances were to be regarded by the children of Israel as of standing obligation, abiding types of constant necessity, never to be removed so long as the dispensation should last.      When the priest went...

Exodus 30:7-8

The Law Written on the Heart

Oct 29 LAST Lord’s-day morning we spoke of the first great blessing of the covenant of grace, namely, the full forgiveness of sins. Then we dilated with delight upon that wonderful promise, “Their sins and their iniquities will I remember no more.” I hope our consciences were pacified and our hearts filled with wonder as we thought of God’s casting behind his back all the sins of his people; so that we...

Jeremiah 31:33

The Perpetuity of the Law of God

May 21 IT has been said that he who understands the two covenants is a theologian, and this is, no doubt, true. I may also say that the man who knows the relative positions of the law and of the gospel has the keys of the situation in the matter of doctrine. The relationship of the law to myself, and how it condemns me: the relationship of the gospel to myself, and...

Matthew 5:18

The Stern Pedagogue

Jan 1 NEITHER the Jewish law of ten commands, nor its law of ceremonies was ever intended to save anybody. It was not the intent of the ceremonial law in itself to effect the redemption of the soul: by a set of pictures it set forth the way of salvation, but it was not itself the way. It was a map, not a country, a model of the road, not the road...

Galatians 3:24-25

The Uses of the Law

Apr 19      The apostle, by a highly ingenious and powerful argument, had proved that the law was never intended by God for the justification and salvation of man. He declares that God made a covenant of grace with Abraham long before the law was given on Mount Sinai; that Abraham was not present at Mount Sinai, and that, therefore, there could have been no alteration of the covenant made there...

Galatians 3:19