Resources by Miracle

The Cripple at Lystra

     I have read in your hearing the story of the preaching of Paul and Barnabas in the town of Lystra. The name of Christ was there totally unknown. They were a sort of country people, partly pastoral and partly agricultural, who seem to have been deeply sunken in superstition. At the gates of their city there stood a great temple dedicated to Jupiter, and they appear to have...

Acts 14:9

The Miracle of the Loaves

Let us with deep attention consider the miracle of the loaves, lest we fall into the same evil as that which happened to the disciples in the text. When they saw Jesus walking on the sea “they were sore amazed in themselves and wondered: for they considered not the miracle of the loaves, for their heart was hardened.” Hard hearts and painful unbeliefs spring up in the waste places where...

Mark 6:52

Unbinding Lazarus

John 11:43-44

The Devil's Last Throw

Jun 10 OUR Lord Jesus Christ taught the people much by his words, but he taught them even more by his actions. He was always preaching, his whole life was a heavenly discourse on divine truth; and the miracles which he wrought were not only the proofs of his deity, but the illustrations of his teaching. His wonders of mercy were, in fact, acted sermons, truths embodied, pictorial illustrations appealing to the...

Luke 9:42

The Withered Hand

May 22 NOTE well the expression. Jesus “went into their synagogue; and, behold, there was a man which had his hand withered.” A mark is set, as it were, in the margin, as if it were a notable fact. That word “behold” is a sort of note of exclamation to draw attention to it. “Behold, there was a man which had his hand withered.” In many congregations, if there should step in...

Matthew 12:10-13

The Lifting Up of the Bowed Down

Jul 14 I BELIEVE that the infirmity of this woman was not only physical but spiritual: her outward appearance was the index of her deep and long continued depression of mind. She was bent double as to her body, and she was bowed down by sadness as to her mind. There is always a sympathy between body and soul, but it is not always so plainly seen as in her case; many...

Luke 13:10-13

The Touch

Nov 4 THE miracle of the healing of this woman occurred while our Saviour was on the road to the house of Jairus to raise his daughter, and I have not much doubt that although, in itself, it was a very remarkable miracle, it was not meant to stand quite alone, but had a relation to the Lord’s dealings with Jairus. If I read the narrative rightly, the ruler of the synagogue...

Mark 5:28