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Men Without Heart, Sight, or Hearing

Jan 8 FEELING, sight, hearing! What wonderful things these are. If we could exist without them what a wretched condition ours would be. The outer world would be unknown to us if the gates of the senses were shut, and the soul would be famished, like Samaria when it was straitly shut up, and there was no going in nor coming out. Take away from us the power of perception by touch,...

Deuteronomy 29:4

Mourning for Christ

Jul 1 SEE, beloved, whence every good thing flows— “I will pour upon the house of David the spirit of grace.” The starting point is the Lord’s sovereign act in giving the Spirit. Every work of grace begins with God; no gracious thought or act ever originates in the free will of unregenerate man. The Lord is first in all things which are acceptable in his sight. It is God that “worketh...

Zechariah 12:10