Resources by Nature

In the Hay-Field

Jun 23 WE who are condemned to live in this great wilderness of brick are very likely to forget the seasons altogether; and our friends who live out in the green country, and see the changing seasons, are quite as apt to hear the voices of the seasons with their ears only, but not to learn the inward meaning with their hearts. Spring, summer, autumn, and winter, are God’s four evangelists whom...

Psalm 104:14

Spring in the Heart

Feb 11 THERE is something very delightful in the spring-time of nature, and though other seasons excel in fulness, yet spring must always bear the palm for freshness and for beauty. We are accustomed to thank God when the harvest hours draw round, and the golden grain invites the sickle, but we ought equally to thank God for the rougher and stormier days of spring, because all these are preparing the harvest....

Psalm 65:10

The Cedars of Lebanon

Sep 13 IF Solomon were here this morning, who spoke of all trees, from the hyssop on the wall to the cedar that is in Lebanon, he would greatly instruct us in the natural history of the cedar, and, at the same time, uttering similitudes and proverbs of wisdom, he would give us apples of gold in baskets of silver. But since the Lord Jesus Christ has said, “Lo, I am with...

Psalm 104:16