Resources by Pardon

Life and Pardon

Aug 25 THE teaching of this verse is much the same as that in preceding verses; but the apostle does not hesitate to dwell again and again upon the important matters of quickening and forgiveness. These lie in the foundation. Ministers of Christ cannot too often go over the essential points: their hearers cannot too often hear vital truths. Our frail memories and dull understandings require line upon line, precept upon precept,...

Colossians 2:13

Knowing the Lord through Pardoned Sin

Jan 29 TRUE knowledge of God is a covenant blessing. To know Jehovah as the only living and true God, to know him personally and intimately, so as to say with David, “Thou art my God” — this is one of the choice blessings of the covenant of grace which grace bestows upon all the chosen. In this prophecy, Jehovah declares that he will yet give this knowledge to the house of...

Jeremiah 31:34

A Sense of Pardoned Sin

May 20      Hezekiah here speaks positively on a matter concerning which he had not the remotest shadow of doubt. He kind trusted his God, he had cast himself upon the merit of the promised Messiah, and as the result of that faith, assurance had been granted to him, and he now sings with unfaltering tongue, "Thou," even thou, O God, Most High and Most Just, "thou hast cast all my sins,"...

Isaiah 38:17