Resources by Persecution

Prosperity Under Persecution

Jan 15      The children of this world are wise in their generation. Their policy may be short-sighted and their stratagems crooked, nevertheless the world admires the wisdom of their counsels, and makes light of the craftiness of their projects. In their opposition to the Christian church, the men of the world might certainly have been as well able to outwit her by the variety of their manoeuvres as to overwhelm...

Exodus 1:10-12

A Word for the Persecuted

Aug 16 IT was not an unlikely thing that his father would answer Jonathan roughly. Saul had taken great umbrage against David, while Jonathan, his eldest son, on the contrary, loved David as his own. soul. Jonathan could hardly think that his father really meant harm to so good a man as David, and he expressed to David that opinion, and then David, to be prepared for the worst, put to him...

1 Samuel 20:10

A Honeycomb

Sep 29 WHEN the Hebrew Christians were suffering dire persecution the apostle could suggest no better support for their faith than this, “Consider him.” He bade them look to Jesus, and compare their case with that of their Lord. Such contemplations would prove a sovereign balm for their distressed minds. A consideration of our Lord and Master is the best conceivable stay and support during persecution. Let us look into that fact...

Hebrews 12:3