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The Child Samuel's Prayer

IN the days of Eli the word of the Lord was precious, and there was no open vision. It was well when the word did come, that one chosen individual had the hearing ear to receive it, and the obedient heart to perform it. Eli failed to tutor his sons to be the willing servants and the attentive hearers of the Lord's word. In this he was without the excuse...

1 Samuel 3:9

A Prayer for the Church Militant

LET me direct your attention to the verse before the text, and then let us read the text in connection with it, “The Lord is their strength, and he is the saving strength of his anointed. Save thy people, and bless thine inheritance: feed them also, and lift them up for ever.” You have in the eighth verse, the church militant reviewed; and in the ninth verse, the church militant...

Psalm 28:9

Prayer Perfumed with Praise

According to the text, we are both by prayer and supplication to make known our requests unto God. If any distinction be intended here, I suppose that by prayer is meant the general act of devotion and the mention of our usual needs; and by supplication I think would be intended our distinct entreaties and special petitions. We are to offer the general prayer common to all the saints, and...

Philippians 4:6

The Poor Man's Prayer

BELOVED, we always reckon it a very hopeful sign when a man begins to think of personal religion. Merely to come with the crowd and professedly to worship is but poor work; but when a man gets to feel the weight of his own sin, and to confess it with his heart before God,— when he wants a Saviour for himself, and begins to pray alone that he may find...

Psalm 106:4-5

A Hasty Expression Penitently Retracted

THAT is a bit of genuine experience, honestly told, in the most natural manner. How glad we ought to be that David never fell into the hand of an ordinary biographer, for such a piece of weakness as this text records would have been carefully repressed, lest the good man’s reputation should suffer. It was only a hasty expression, and every friendly biographer would have felt that it ought to...

Psalm 31:22

Praying and Pleading

THIS passionate appeal for mercy was forced from the people by extreme misery. There was a famine in the land until men fell in the streets of the city exhausted with hunger. Drought had long prevailed, and dearth of water was terribly felt. Meanwhile invasion kept them in perpetual fear, so that the prophet lamented, “If I go forth into the field, then behold the slain with the sword! and...

Jeremiah 14:7-9

A Troubled Prayer

IF this Psalm were indeed written by David at the time when his son Absalom had raised the rebellion against him, we can readily understand the distinction which he draws between his 44 affliction” and his “pain.” It is a great “affliction” to have a son become a rebel, and that subjects who owed so much to their monarch should become traitors against his gentle government. “Pain” was the acute...

Psalm 25:18

The Student's Prayer

Oct 29 WHEN we seek any good thing from God, we ought also to consider how we may use it for his glory. It is meet that desires for good things should flow from good motives. When the heart is not only gracious but grateful, it will turn to God with double purpose, desiring the mercy and desiring to use it to his praise. The grace of God, which bringeth salvation, doth...

Psalm 119:27

10 Ways Prayer Will Change Your Life

Nov 2 D. L. Moody once said to hear Spurgeon preach was a blessing, but to hear Spurgeon pray was even more impressive.

9 Ways To Pray Like Charles Spurgeon

Oct 26 Spurgeon once said, “Prayer has become as essential to me as the heaving of my lungs, and the beating of my pulse” (MTP 49:476).