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Christ Precious to Believers

Mar 30 HERE we have no far-fetched statement: it belongs to every-day life. Those now present who believe can verify it on the spot: as believers, they can tell us whether the Lord Jesus is precious to them or not. We are not now about to consider an abstruse doctrine, or lose ourselves in a profound mystery of the faith; but we have before us an assertion which even a babe in...

1 Peter 2:7

Precious, Honorable, Beloved

Feb 20 THE first reference of this text is evidently to Israel. That nation was precious in God’s sight. He had been pleased sovereignly to make an election of the seed of Abraham, that they should be his portion, and he should be their portion evermore. They were precious in his sight because of the covenant which he had made with their great forefather, saying, “In blessing I will bless thee, and...

Isaiah 43:4