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The Axe at the Root- A Testimony Against Puseyite

Jun 17 THE woman’s conscience had been aroused by Christ’s declaration of her sin. He was touching upon matters of the most vital importance, and her depraved heart naturally shrunk from the lancet. From the truth which was becoming inconveniently personal she flew to that natural resort of the carnal mind, namely, to religious discourse upon points of outward observance. Instead of confessing her sin, and asking how it may be forgiven,...

John 4:23-24

A Blow for Puseyism

Oct 8 OUR Lord had plainly told his hearers that he was the bread of life; and that except they ate his flesh and drank his blood there was no life in them. His hearers understood this in a sensual manner, and they very naturally put the question, “How can this man give us his flesh to eat?” Now the Saviour had never intended to be understood in a carnal manner. It...

John 6:63