Resources by Restoration

Peter after His Restoration

Jul 26 PETER was to be sifted, so our Lord warned him; and Satan was to operate with the sieve. Satan had an intense desire to destroy Peter— indeed, he would like to destroy all the chosen of God— and therefore he desired to sift him as wheat, in the hope that he would be blown away with the husks and the chaff. To see a child of God perish would bring...

Luke 22:32

Peter’s Restoration

Jul 22 PETER had terribly fallen. He had denied his Master, denied him repeatedly, denied him with oaths, denied him in his presence, while his Master was being smitten and falsely charged; denied him, though he was an apostle; denied him, though he had declared that should all men forsake him, yet would he never be offended. It was a sad, sad sin. Remember what led up to it. It was, first,...

Luke 22:60-62

Means for Restoring the Banished

Sep 11 THE woman of Tekoah in arguing with David for the recall of his son Absalom, argued with great shrewdness. After craftily entrapping the king by her parable, she then pleaded with him in persuasive terms, the cleverness of which we must admire, though the end aimed at was not consistent with the impartial justice which every magistrate ought to exercise. In effect she pleaded thus— “It is true that Absalom...

2 Samuel 14:14