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Samuel and the Young man Saul

THIS was Samuel’s third interview with this goodly young man. He had spoken with him and entertained him in his parlour, giving him the place of honour ; he had afterwards spent the evening with him in quiet on the house-top, and now they were about to part he took a fresh opportunity of speaking to him. This time he spoke to him with great closeness of personal application, sending...

1 Samuel 9:27

Three Decisive Steps

Mar 8 Two enemies held Israel in subjection. The Philistines had fought against them, and defeated them, even though they sent to Shiloh, and brought the ark of the covenant, the symbol of Jehovah’s presence, into their camp. The Lord was not with them, so they were smitten with a great slaughter. The crowning disaster of the day was; “the ark of God was taken.” The Philistines carried it away to Ashdod,...

1 Samuel 7:2-5