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Jan 26 IT was a custom among the Jews before the Paschal Lamb was killed to shut it up for several days for examination. It was at first selected with great care, for it must be “a lamb without blemish, a male of the first year”; and lest at the first choice some blemish should have been overlooked it was continually inspected from day to day. It was meet that the lamb...

Matthew 22:42

A Tempted Saviour—Our Best Succour

Jan 4      My text, furnishing the motto for the congregation for the New Year, is, as you know, always supplied to me by a most venerable clergyman of the Church of England, who has ever showed to me the most constant and affectionate regard. I have no doubt that the present text has been suggested to this aged servant of the Lord by his deep experience at once of affliction...

Hebrews 2:18