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The Bible Tried and Proved

May 5 IN this psalm our text stands in contrast with the evil of the age. The Psalmist complains that the “godly man ceaseth; the faithful fail from among the children of men.” It was a great grief to him, and he found no consolation except in the words of the Lord. What if men fail: the Word of the Lord abides! What a comfort it is to quit the arena of...

Psalm 12:6

The Infallibility of Scripture

Mar 11 WHAT Isaiah said was, therefore, spoken by Jehovah. It was audibly the utterance of a man; but, really, it was the utterance of the Lord himself. The lips which delivered the words were those of Isaiah, but yet it was the very truth that “The mouth of the Lord hath spoken it.” All Scripture, being inspired of the Spirit, is spoken by the mouth of God. However this sacred Book...

Isaiah 1:20

The Sunday-School and the Scriptures

Oct 18 How very remarkably the times repeat themselves! As I said just now, in the reading of the chapter, the warning which Paul gave concerning his own times is quite as needful for this present age. Again darkness thickens, and the mists hang heavily around our footsteps. Evil men and seducers wax worse and worse, and very many have turned away their ears from the truth to hearken to fables. Nor...

2 Timothy 3:15