Resources by Serpents

The Serpent's Sentence

Sep 21 SOME master in Israel who wanted to help the memories of his hearers has said that the three things to be preached above everything else are the three R’s— Ruin, Redemption, and Regeneration. He spake wisely and well. How will men seek salvation if they do not feel their ruin? Where is there salvation save in the atoning blood? What is salvation but being created a new unto holiness? It...

Genesis 3:14-15

Number 1,500, or Lifting Up the Brazen Serpent

Oct 19 THIS discourse when it shall he printed will make fifteen hundred of my sermons which have been published regularly week by week. This is certainly a remarkable fact. I do not know of any instance in modern times in which fifteen hundred sermons have thus followed each other from the press from one person, and have continued to command a large circle of readers. I desire to utter most hearty...

Numbers 21:9