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Our Service for Christ Never Finished

Sep 19 THESE words are not addressed to the general congregation. You notice that the chapter begins, “Then said he unto the disciples.” Even they felt as if Christ’s words were too heavy for them, and so, when you get to the fifth verse, you read, “And the apostles said unto the Lord, Increase our faith,” as if only the very strongest of them were able to receive his teaching just then;...

Luke 7:7-10

Personal Service

May 3      These sentences suggest a contrast. David's religion was one of perfect liberty;—"Thou hast loosed my bonds." It was one of complete service;—"Truly l am thy servant. I am thy servant and the son of thine handmaid." Did I say the text suggested a contrast? Indeed the two things need never be contrasted, for they are found to be but part of one divine experience in the Jives of all...

Psalm 116:16

A Divine Challenge!

Apr 22      On two or three former occasions I have endeavoured to insist upon the fact, that God always puts a distinction between Israel and Egypt. He constantly speaks of the Israelites as "my people;" of the Egyptians, he speaks to Pharaoh as being "thy people." There is a continual and eternal distinction observed in the Word of God between the chosen seed of promise and the world —the children...

Exodus 8:1