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May 3      These sentences suggest a contrast. David's religion was one of perfect liberty;—"Thou hast loosed my bonds." It was one of complete service;—"Truly l am thy servant. I am thy servant and the son of thine handmaid." Did I say the text suggested a contrast? Indeed the two things need never be contrasted, for they are found to be but part of one divine experience in the Jives of all...

Psalm 116:16

A Divine Challenge!

Apr 22      On two or three former occasions I have endeavoured to insist upon the fact, that God always puts a distinction between Israel and Egypt. He constantly speaks of the Israelites as "my people;" of the Egyptians, he speaks to Pharaoh as being "thy people." There is a continual and eternal distinction observed in the Word of God between the chosen seed of promise and the world —the children...

Exodus 8:1