Resources by Spiritual Adoption

Concern for Other Men's Souls

Mar 8 WHAT an intense man Paul was. Once convince him, and his whole nature moved in the direction which he judged to be right. He was whole-hearted when he persecuted the church of God, and he was equally whole-hearted when afterwards he laboured with all his might to build up the church which he had sought to destroy. I would to God we were all as thorough-going in the service of...

Romans 9:1-5

The Sons of God

Oct 7 My brethren, what a contrast there is between the present and future estate of the child of God! The believer is here the brother to the worm; in heaven he shall be next of kin to the angels. Here he is covered with the sweat and dust which he acquired by Adam's fall; there his brow shall be bright with the immortality which is conferred upon him by the resurrection...

Romans 8:16-17