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Taught That We May Teach

WE learn from this text something concerning Ezekiel himself. He was certainly one of the greatest of the prophets; his visions remind us of those of John, both for their brightness, splendour, and number, and yet this eminent prophet was, nevertheless, styled “son of man.” He is continually called by that name. The title is used over and over again throughout the book of his prophecies— “ Son of man”—...

Ezekiel 40:4

Teaching for the Outer and Inner Circles

Jul 16 OUR blessed Lord had two great objects before him in his ministry. The first was to preach the word to the outlying masses, that out of them he might gather a people to himself who should be his disciples. This part of his work he carried on with great assiduity and perseverance, traversing the Holy Land from end to end and finding here one and there another, but never ceasing...

Mark 4:33