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To the Thoughtless

Jul 7 IT is clear from this chapter that the Lord views the sin of mankind with intense regret. Me are obliged to speak of him after the manner of men, and in doing so we are clearly authorised to say that he does not look upon human sin merely with the eye of a judge who condemns it, but with the eye of a friend who, while he censures the offender,...

Isaiah 1:3

Ingratitude of Man

Jun 9 I WOULD very frankly confess at the outset that I am not about to preach from the words of this text, and that I have selected it solely because it contains an epitome of man’s behaviour towards the Saviour. He came unto his own people, the Jews, and answered in every particular to the descriptions which their prophets had given, but as they were looking for a temporal leader who...

John 1:11