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The Bellows Burned

Sep 12 THE prophets frequently spoke in parables. This they did partly to excite the attention of their hearers. Those to whom they spoke might not have listened to didactic truth expressed in abstract terms, but when they heard mention of common things, such as bellows, and lead, and brass, they turned aside, and asked, “What is this which this man hath to say?” Moreover, metaphors often convey to the mind truth...

Jeremiah 6:29

The Portion of the Ungodly

Apr 13       THIS text is part of a terrible description of God’s judgment upon Babylon and Chaldea. The prophet had clearly written out the indictment of the Lord against that tyrannic people, and having proved their guilt he pronounces their sentence. He accused them of shewing no mercy to the inheritance of the Lord which, in his wrath, he had given into their hands. He charges them with pride...

Isaiah 47:14

Not Now, But Hereafter!

Sep 22 THE sermon which I preached two Lord’s days ago upon the accidents, has caused considerable consternation among pious people with weak heads. Their idea that all calamities are judgments, is so inveterate a prejudice, and so favourite a dogma, that our exposure of its absurdity is, in their opinion, eminently calculated to encourage sin and quiet the consciences of offenders. Now, I feel quite at ease in this matter, and...

Job 21:29-31