Resources by Hypocrisy

The Sieve

Jan 1 “I WILL command, and I will sift ”— how easily the divine purposes become facts! The Lord has but to command and his will is done. Omnipotence has servants everywhere. If those who serve Jehovah cheerfully shall not suffice to carry out his will, the very devils themselves, and the most rebellious of spirits, shall be chained to the chariot of his divine decree and made to effect his designs....

Matthew 7:21

How Saints May Help the Devil

Jul 24       It is not a comfortable state to be at enmity with God, and the sinner knows this. Although he perseveres in his rebellion against the Most High, and turns not at the rebuke of the Almighty, but still goeth on in his iniquity, desperately seeking his own destruction, yet is he aware in his own conscience that he is not in a secure position. Hence it is...

Ezekiel 16:54


Feb 6      This age is full of shams. Pretence never stood in so eminent a position as it does at the present hour. There be few, I fear, who love the naked truth; we can scarce endure it in our houses; you would scarcely trade with a man who absolutely stated it. If you walked through the streets of London, you might imagine that all the shops were built of...

Luke 12:1