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Spurgeon on the Hope of Heaven

Ed Romine May 3, 2018

What comes to your mind when you think of heaven? Is it angels, or streets of gold? Perfect peace and happiness?  These thoughts are true about heaven, but none of them are the focus of heaven. The Scriptures do mention angels, streets of gold, and happiness, but the focal point of heaven is the glory of God, specifically seen in the person of Jesus Christ.

This radiant focus, Jesus Christ, is exactly who Charles Spurgeon loves to draw our attention towards.


The glory of heaven is in the people of God beholding their Savior Jesus Christ.

The Hollywood image of heaven consists of its inhabitants strumming harps and floating on clouds for eternity. Spurgeon would have never accepted such a reality, because Spurgeon’s heaven was being in the presence of Christ.  

“The very glory of heaven is that we shall see him, that same Christ who once died upon Calvary’s cross, that we shall fall down, and worship at his feet, nay more, that he shall kiss us with the kisses of his mouth, and welcome us to dwell with him forever.”

The Prince of Preachers cared not for streets of gold or immortal bodies. His all-consuming desire was to see and behold his Savior. Is this your desire?


Heaven is a place full of joy and freedom from suffering for those who have trusted in Christ alone for the forgiveness of their sins.  

For the saints of Christ who have struggled and suffered greatly in this life, Spurgeon has unveiled wonderful news from the Scripture! Believers shall have perfect health, indeed, Spurgeon says,

“As perfect health was our first happiness, so it will be our last and eternal happiness, for heaven is not merely streets of gold and harps of melodious music, and winged creatures strangely bright, but it is perfection realized, the slough of depravity cast off the soul shall be herself again, and of manhood it shall be said, ‘his flesh is fresher than a child’s, and he has returned to the days of his youth.”

Notice that Spurgeon puts emphasis on the fact that we will finally be free from sin. In heaven all things shall be made new, sin and its effects shall be no more, and the Lord Jesus shall reign victorious! The groanings of creation shall cease forever. Does think make your heart shout for joy?


Heaven is a place of hope where all the redeemed of all the ages shall be reunited.

Are you hopeless in this life? If you have trusted in Jesus Christ, you have a living hope. The most urgent question Spurgeon might ask you is this:

“Are you Christ’s own? Do you trust him? Do you live in fellowship with him? Then the hope of the hereafter may well take the sting out of the present.”

Heaven is the place of hope because the God of hope is there. If you have looked to Christ alone, the joy of heaven is your hope. You shall see your Christ face-to-face, and your present sufferings shall be no more. This joy will be eternal, as all the saints of God will praise him together for eternity. Yes, we will see departed Christian loved ones, both family and friends—but our focus shall be on King Jesus and his glory.

“Oh! rest of the righteous, how blest art thou, where families shall again be bound up in one bundle, where parted friends shall again meet to part no more, and where the whole church of Christ united in one mighty circle, shall together praise God and the Lamb throughout eternal ages.” (MTP 3: 213)

Edward G. Romine is a PhD student in historical theology studying Spurgeon at Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Kansas City, Missouri. He received his Master of Divinity and Master of Theology degrees from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. He has been a preacher of the gospel since 2007. He currently serves as a Spurgeon Scholar at the Spurgeon Library.