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“Jesus’ Dead Body Whilst on the Cross”, Lost Sermon No. 107

April 3, 2018

On the other side of Easter Sunday, it is always beneficial for Christians to remember that the sovereignty of God in Jesus’ death and resurrection does not carry meaning for one day only. Rejoicing in the glory of Easter is a beautiful joy, but Spurgeon is quick to remind that there is also danger of going through the motions. Plenty in his day attended church on Holy Week alone, neglecting the power and meaning of the cross the rest of the year.

“The kind of religion which is ordered by the Almanac, weeping on Good Friday, and rejoicing two days afterwards, measuring its motions by the moon, is too artificial to be worthy of my imitation.”

In Lost Sermon No. 107, “Jesus’ Dead Body Whilst on the Cross”, the young Cambridgeshire preacher reminds us that “Every step Jesus took was fraught with meaning. There is something grand in littles.”

Even the common actions of soldiers at the cross, come Easter weekend, are bent to serve God’s purposes. On the cross of Christ, Spurgeon points to a least three prophetic fulfillments, the “littles” as he calls them, to remind us that God works not just in the packed out easter service, but in every sovereign detail of our lives.

Jesus’ legs remained unbroken on the cross, “Providence kept his bones.” The glorious Jesus would not be crushed, but in his death he would do the crushing, giving up himself voluntarily unto death as the true Lamb of God.

“He reserved his body entire for a glorious resurrection whereby he crushed the serpent in his head”

Jesus’ side was pierced. This ensured his death was finished for us, and means that Easter morning is not a fluke but a real resurrection. He was pierced for us so that he might resurrect for us.

"Let us remember too that on the fact of his resurrection, the whole gospel scheme hinges. As also, that if Jesus died not, then redemption is not complete and we shall have yet to bear the tremendous sentence."

Blood and Water flowed. Just as blood and water flowed from Jesus’ pierced side, the pure blood of Christ cleanses sin, and the living water satisfies his people.

“Precious Heart’s blood. No blood of bulls like this… Here’s the true holy water, a drop of this would cure a million, quench a world, or make a desert blossom.”

Behold the significance of even the smallest details of the cross! If God can handle all of these rightly, surely he can handle the details of your life with a sovereign hand, day in and day out.


You can read an excerpt from “Jesus’ Dead Body Whilst on the Cross” below. Be sure to pick up The Lost Sermons of C. H. Spurgeon, vol. 2, available now, for more sermons from Spurgeon’s earliest ministry.

About The Lost Sermons of C. H. Spurgeon

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