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Understandest Thou What Thou Readest?

May 11 How this negro chamberlain of the Queen of Ethiopia came to be a proselyte we do not know. The book which he was so fond of reading may have been the means of leading him to worship the God of Abraham; certainly it has answered that purpose thousands of times. At any rate, he followed the light he had, and though he had not yet come to the full glory...

Acts 8:30-33

The Bible

Mar 18 This is God's complaint against Ephraim. It is no mean proof of his goodness, that he stoops to rebuke his erring creatures; it is a great argument of his gracious disposition, that he bows his head to notice terrestrial affairs. He might, if he pleased, wrap himself with might as with a garment; he might put the stars around his wrist for bracelets, and bind the suns around his brow...

Hosea 8:12